Current Challenges and Opportunities in using the LAL Assay for Endotoxin Testing

The LAL assay for bacterial endotoxin testing has undergone many changes in recent decades and will continue to do so. From the initial discovery of LAL and gel clot qualitative reagents to the addition of chromogenic substrates for quantitative reagents to enhance the test measurements, the test has developed. However, not all improvements have been realized. Endotoxin testing is now facing some of its greatest challenges. However, challenges lead to further opportunities for growth and development [1]. This discussion will look at a few challenges facing endotoxin testing along with the opportunities that have arisen to meet those challenges.


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Thimothy Francis4Timothy FrancisTechnical Specialist LAL Division

Timothy Francis is the Technical Specialist for the LAL Division of FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals U.S.A. Corporation. He comes into the Technical Specialist role with 5 years of experience teaching the natural sciences at a college level. Timothy is proficient at taking the complex, technical aspects of a topic and breaking them down into clear, understandable pieces that all connect back to the big picture. He draws upon this experience to provide professional technical support and training for the PYROSTAR™️️ line and to help you with your technical needs. Outside of the work environment, he enjoys backyard astronomy, disc golf, kayaking, and enjoying time with his wife and daughter as they care for their pets.

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