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Commitment to Quality

Commitment and QualityThe LAL Division of Fujifilm Wako Chemicals U.S.A. Corporation. is committed to the quality system and the regulatory requirements that are visibly and actively fulfilled on a continuous basis. The practices, resources, and activities relevant to the products that are manufactured, packaged, labeled, and distributed support the quality system development and implementation.

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In an effort to comply with the quality system and regulatory requirements, the LAL Division of Fujifilm Wako Chemicals U.S.A. Corporation., performs the following:

Our Management Philosophy

Our management philosophy is "We serve the public well-being by contributing to the development of scientific technologies and the progress of academic research" on the basis of the orientations made possible by way of our mission which is to integrate our cultural attributes; supplying unique and innovative quality products and committing to the highest level of ethics, employee effectiveness, and a strong sense of responsibility.

Quality Philosophy of the President

Our company strives to fulfill its social obligations to both its employees and community while providing products that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements; consistently aiming to create a company whose products are trusted by our customers worldwide. For these purposes, we naturally comply with laws and take positive attitude to correspond to changes in the social environment, aiming to make possible the management philosophy.

1. Quality assurance: We make use of the quality management system on the basis of the knowledge and technology accumulated over a long period of time in an effort to assure the quality of products.

2. Compliance with laws and regulations and maintenance and improvement of the system: Our company constructs the quality management system suitable for the business characteristics on the basis of requirements provided in laws and regulations and ISO and complies, in a sincere manner, with the requirements in an effort to maintain and continuously improve the efficiency of the system.

3. Customer satisfaction: We always understand customers' needs and transition in the market to provide, in a stable manner, the products that satisfy the customers. Further, we take sincere and prompt actions to satisfy customers' requests, aiming to improve customer satisfaction.