VIDEO: How Fujifilm and Predictive Oncology's collaboration could impact your drug safety efforts

View our webinar video "Predictive Oncology EndoPrep™ as a sample treatment system to be used with FUJIFILM PYROSTAR™ ES-F/Plate" and learn about a new solution to reduce protein interference and enable more accurate detection of endotoxins associated with biologic drug products.




Predictive Oncology's EndoPrep™ is a sample treatment system that neutralizes the inhibitory effects of proteins/peptides on endotoxin and results in more accurate detection and quantification of endotoxin. Predictive Oncology (POAI) and FUJIFILM Wako have validated that a 100-fold dilution after the treatment is sufficient to subsequently remove the digestion enzyme’s effects on the PYROSTAR™ ES-F LAL protein cascade. The regulatory standards allow and welcome treatment such as this that will not interfere with the LAL protein cascade. This webinar will demonstrate the successful use of EndoPrep™ to remove protein interference in the LAL cascade.


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