Kits for LAL Testing Using the Kinetic-Chromogenic Method

Kits for LAL by using the Colorimetric Method The LAL Test (Limulus amebocyte lysate) is a method of great importance for the determination of endotoxins of bacterial origin.

At Fujifilm Wako, we manufacture kits to perform the kinetic-chromogenic LAL assay, which include all of the reagents necessary for bacterial endotoxins detection through a change in color development, and allow the customer to obtain accurate results in a short amount of time. To learn more about the principles of chromogenic detection in LAL testing we invite you to visit our blog.

The Limulus Color KY Test is a kinetic-chromogenic LAL assay kit that allows for the quantitative determination of bacterial endotoxin present in a sample. The principle of this lyophilized reagent is based on a specific color development mechanism, which is activated by the presence of endotoxin.  First, a series of activations of serine protease precursors in the reagent occur, consequently triggering the final reaction, in which a clotting enzyme hydrolyzes the chromogenic substrate to release a yellow chromogen.  The resulting yellow color can then be read by the Toxinometer™ Analysis System or a microplate reader.

The Limulus Color KY series can be purchased in both multi-test and single-test configurations to easily support the needs of both high and low throughput customers. The use of these endotoxin-specific kits benefits the technician by avoiding false positive results and interferences from beta glucans, while allowing endotoxin detection down to 0.0002 EU/mL when using the single-test kit and 0.0005 EU/mL with the multi-test kit.

The Toxinometer® Analysis System is a device designed by Fujifilm Wako for the PYROSTAR™ product line. This tube reader allows for gel-clot, kinetic-turbidimetric and kinetic-chromogenic measurement of samples using a high illuminance blue LED lamp, specialized apertures and an integrated heat block.  It is simple to use and expansion modules are available to provide the user with a testing capacity of up to 128 wells.  Analysis can be carried out at temperatures of 30°C and 37°C. Among the many advantages of acquiring this equipment are the system's ability to generate hard copy printouts documenting assay parameters and sample results and to carry out complete analyzes without the need for technician intervention.

The accessories belonging to the BioClean® Series from Fujifilm Wako are also very important, consisting of endotoxin-free pipette tips (<0.005EU/tip) packed in individual envelopes and with non-stick protective film, so that no dust is deposited. These tips are compatible with the Finnpipette Digital Micro Pipettor (sizes 20-200 μl or 100-1000 μl) and they can be used with the Toxinometer® Analysis System.   

Fujifilm Wako also offers the Endotoxin Extraction Solution for LAL Tests, which avoids the use of water or saline in tests, as they are not as dependable for endotoxin extraction. The endotoxin-free extracting solution is used at a 1:20 dilution and contains HSA (human serum albumin), which allows surface endotoxins to be extracted from items such as medical devices or prosthetics that may not be effectively extracted by water or saline.


Toxinometer® ET-7000 Series PYROSTAR™ ES-F Single Test Vial Control Standard Endotoxin
Toxinometer® ET-7000 Series PYROSTAR™ ES-F Single Test Vial Control Standard Endotoxin