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Kits for LAL Testing Using the Kinetic-Chromogenic Method

Jan 11, 2019
kits for lal by using the colorimetric method

The LAL Test (Limulus amebocyte lysate) is a method of great importance for the determination of endotoxins of bacterial origin. At Fujifilm Wako, we manufacture kits to perform the kinetic-chromogenic LAL assay, which include all of the reagents necessary for bacterial endotoxins detection through a change in color development, and allow...

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Use of Colorimetric Method in LAL test

Nov 30, 2018
colorimetric method in lal test

The colorimetric analysis methods allow, by measuring the absorbance variation of a sample at a certain wavelength, to calculate the concentration of analytes of interest. This detection method can be used in LAL test (Limulus amebocyte lysate) for endotoxins. The LAL test is a well-known technique to researchers for determination of...

By: Lisa Komski In: Kit LAL Tags: LAL test
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