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The use of the Gel-Clot Method in the LAL test

Aug 24, 2018
the use of the gel clot method in the lal test

The LAL test (Limulus Amebocyte Lysate) is used to determine the presence of bacterial endotoxins in biological samples or samples of other types. This analysis can be performed using the Gel-Clot method, or gelation for detection as a gel is formed if the test is positive.The bacteria could lead to...

By: Lisa Komski Tags: LAL test
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Kits for the LAL test with the Turbidimetric Method

May 21, 2018
kits lal test turbidimetric method

The brand PYROSTAR has different kits to conduct the LAL test, that is, for the detection of bacterial endotoxins. Some of these kits are designed to be used with the turbidimetric methods of analysis. The analytical sign that can be measured and quantified through these kits is the turbidity formed...

By: Lisa Komski In: Kit LAL Tags: Turbidimetric Method, LAL test
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