How Endotoxin Contamination Can Affect Gene and Cell Therapies

Gene therapy is revolutionising the way we treat human diseases. Any technique that modifies a person’s genes to treat or cure a disease is considered a form of gene therapy. This can occur via several possible mechanisms. A disease-causing version of a gene may be inactivated or replaced with a healthy version. Alternatively, a new gene may be introduced to combat a disease. Gene therapy products work by introducing genetic material into the nucleus of the cell. To introduce the genetic material, scientists need a delivery system that can transport the gene, nuclease, or short hairpin RNA (shRNA) to the nucleus of a human cell. The vehicle that carries this genetic material is known as a vector. 

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Lisa Komski, General Manager LAL salesLisa Komski, General Manager LAL sales

Lisa Komski is the Sales General Manager for the LAL Division of FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals U.S.A. Corporation. With a nearly 30-year career of working in the Chemicals and Life Science industries, she has established herself as a strong business development professional with a keen focus on customer service. As a child, Lisa dreamed of becoming a doctor, so having the opportunity to manage the PYROSTARTM line for the past 6 years has allowed her to be involved in a dynamic business that supports her lifelong passion to help protect the health and safety of others. Lisa holds degrees in Biology and Medical Technology and is also fluent in both the English and Spanish languages. When having the opportunity to take some personal time, Lisa enjoys family, friends, travel abroad and spoiling her adorable grandson. Contact Me - LinkedIn Profile