ES Buffer

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The ES Buffer is an endotoxin-specific buffer that is ideal for untreated LAL. Though all LAL reagents produced by FUJIFILM Wako LAL are endotoxin-specific, other commercially available LAL reagents are not. Without this buffer, tests can present a potential false positive when trying to determine the endotoxin concentration in the sample.

The ES Buffer works by adding a large amount of carboxymethylated curdlan (CMC) to LAL, thus preventing the activation of LAL by glucan. The presence of large amounts of glucan does not interfere with the quantitation of endotoxin. FUJIFILM Wako first made use of these findings by developing this endotoxin-specific buffer, which contains high concentrations of CMC. When the ES Buffer is used to reconstitute LAL, reagent becomes endotoxin-specific.

Key Features

  • Each vial has solution for use in reconstituting a max of 5.2 mL of reagent
  • Ideal for use in reconstituting any LAL that has the potential to react with glucans, thus making an endotoxin-specific reagent
Catalog Number Contents
ESB-0006 6 vials x 6.0 mL


Q: Can this buffer be used with LAL reagent that is not manufactured by FUJIFILM Wako?

A: Yes, when the product is used paired with a LAL reagent that reacts with both endotoxin and (1→3) β -D-glucan to convert the LAL to an endotoxin-specific reagent.

Q: How should the ES-Buffer be used?

A: Reconstitute the LAL reagent, as stated in package inserts, with the ES-Buffer instead of the LRW. Continue to use the product as stated in the manufacturer’s package insert.