The advantages of using the brand PYROSTAR™ in research laboratories

The advantages of using the brand PYROSTAR™ in research laboratoriesThe PYROSTAR™ brand of Wako specializes in all reagents, instruments and other accessories that are necessary to perform the detection of bacterial endotoxins in different environments. During research for medicines, diseases or other branches of biomedicine, it may be necessary to perform this type of analysis. This is mainly due to the fact that bacterial endotoxins are nothing more than lipopolysaccharides that are part of the outer cell wall of Gram-negative bacteria which may be present even in aseptic environments.

Lipopolysaccharides are released when the lysis of Gram-negative bacteria is produced and the most reliable test for their detection is the use of a Limulus Amebocyte Lysate, known as the LAL method. The main advantage of using the PYROSTAR™ product line is that the researcher makes sure you have all the resources needed to carry out the LAL test reliably, with all necessary resources.

Among the products of the brand PYROSTAR™ are the following:

  • The Control Standard Endotoxin for measuring the calibration curves necessary before conducting any endotoxin determination or for use in another experiment that requires the addition of a certain amount of endotoxin.
  • Endotoxin-free water which is necessary for creating dilutions in tests and which can replace distilled or doubly distilled water used often in the laboratory when the LAL test is being performed and the researcher wishes to make sure that they do not contaminate the samples or materials used in the experiment.
  • The products of the BioClean® Series, which include pipette tips, test tubes with lids or without lids, among other accessories necessary for the LAL test, ensuring that all the material has undergone a quality control check that confirms that everything is free of endotoxins.
  • The Toxinometer® ET-6000 is an equipment designed specifically for reading the samples on which the LAL assay is performed. This equipment makes it possible to obtain the result of the measurement through the gel-clot method and the kinetic turbidimetric method in a single sample. Moreover, it can be used in the case of taking the measures of a single tube or several tubes at the same time. The measures can be taken simultaneously or at different times. The use of this equipment protects the samples from contamination to which they are exposed when the measurement of endotoxin is performed in a microplate. Upon being connected to a computer, the Toxinometer® ET-6000 allows the recording of data for further analysis.

Using the LAL tests of Wako, measurements can be taken via any of the detection methods that have been developed for analysis, which include turbidimetric detection, detection through gel clot formation (gel-clot) or colorimetry. To perform these tests, both the reagents and the kits that already contain everything needed for the experiment are sold. Some of the products found in the catalogue of the brand PYROSTAR™ are the Limulus test PS, the Limulus Color KY Kit and the PYROSTAR™ ES-F Kit. In all these tests, the interference of glucans is eliminated through the addition of a Curdlan derivative in a high concentration, which, according to the studies conducted by the experts of the company Wako experts, eliminates the possibility that the LAL test results are affected by the presence of beta glucans.

For all the reasons mentioned above, we encourage researchers to make use of the wide variety of products offered by the brand PYROSTAR™ for the analysis of bacterial endotoxins, which needs to be done in the course of any investigation.


Gel Clot Reaction Tubes PYROSTAR™ ES-F Plate with CSE Control Standard Endotoxin
Gel Clot Reaction Tubes PYROSTAR™ ES-F Plate with CSE Control Standard Endotoxin