Limulus Test Tube-S

Our specialized Limulus Test Tube-S are made of high-quality borosilicate glass depyrogenated at 250°C. These tubes have a special curvature that allows the appropriate amount of light to transmit through the sample to measure the endotoxin concentration based on the method used. This glass tube is designed for the Toxinometer® Measurement System.

Key Features

  • Endotoxin-free test tubes 
  • Designed for gel clot, KTA and KCA testing on the Toxinometer®
  • Made with borosilicate glass
Catalog Number Product Name Dimensions Quantity
292-32751 Limulus Test Tube-S with Aluminum Cap 12 x 75 mm 80 caps/tubes
293-26551 Limulus Test Tube-S 12 x 75 mm 100 pcs

Limulus Test Tube-S

Q: What makes the Limulus Test Tube-S reaction tubes different than gel clot?

A: The Limulus Test Tubes are made for the Toxinometer® Measurement system.

Q: Can the Limulus Test Tube-S be used for both water bath and heating blocks?

A: Yes,the Limulus Test Tube-S can be used for water bath and heating blocks. However, they were designed specifically for the Toxinometer® Measurement system.