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30% ES Buffer30% off your first order of ES-Buffer

The ES Buffer is an endotoxin-specific buffer that is ideal for untreated LAL. Though all LAL reagents produced by FUJIFILM Wako LAL are endotoxin-specific, other commercially available LAL reagents are not. Without this buffer, tests can present a potential false positive when trying to determine the endotoxin concentration in the sample. 

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20% Single Test20% off your first order of PYROSTAR™ ES-F Single Test

Single-test vials come with pre-dispensed LAL reagent for a single measurement. This configuration is used by adding 0.2 mL of the sample directly to the reaction vial containing the lyophilized reagent. This single-test vial is designed to be used with our Toxinometer® Measurement System (Toxinometer®) to assist labs transitioning from a gel clot to a kinetic turbidimetric methodology.

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30% off your first order of PYROSTAR™ ES-F/Plate Test KitPromo ES F Plate 30Off EN 380x344

This multi-test vial is designed to be used with the microplate reader. To use this configuration, dispense 0.05 mL of the sample into microplate following 0.05 mL of dissolved LAL reagent. This assay is ideal for testing a larger number of samples in one run.

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PYROSTAR ES-F Multi Test Vial/80 Test Kit (any of WPEK4-20015, WPEK4-20003, WPEK4-20006, WPEK4-20125, or WPEK4-20025) or PYROSTAR ES-F Single Test Vial/25 Test Kit (any of WPESK-0015, WPESK-0003, WPESK-0125, and WPESK-0025) Plus: Pipette Tips (200uL, 200uL extended, 1000uL), Dilution Tubes (13 x 100mm tube), Culture Tubes (10 x 75mm tube), Lysate Reagent Water (125mL reagent water), Aluminum caps (Caps for 10 x 75mm tubes), Microplates (96 well microplates/if required).

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