Toxinometer® ET-7000 + 21 CFR PART 11 (ERES) COMPLIANT SET


  • Single assay module can simultaneously measure up to 16 samples
  • Expansion modules are available (up to 8) to extend the number of samples in multiples of 16
  • Single-test configuration avoids the “hot wells” phenomenon associated with microplate readers by evenly distributing the temperature in all single wells
  • Reduces the chance of contamination due to the single-well formats
  • Ideal for users who are converting from gel clot method to kinetic turbidimetric assays

Catalog Number 


Power Source


294-35871 Toxinometer® ET-7000/U
Part 11 Set
100–120 +/- 10%

1 Toxinometer® ET-7000

Toximaster® QC8 Software

System Validation Doc.

299-35821 Toxinometer® ET-7000/E
Part 11 Set
220–240 +/- 10%
VAC (Europe)