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Distributors for Asia

Khema Scientific Co., Ltd. (Distributor for Cambodia)
PP, Cambodia

M/S Pharma Solution (Distributor for Bangladesh)
Dhaka, Kunipara, Bangladesh

Bio Solutions (Distributor for India)
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

PSA IMPEX (Distributor for India, Nepal, Qatar, Oman, Yemen and Kuwait)
Chandigarh, India

PAMMVI EXPORTS PVT LTD (Distributor for India)
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Advansys Technologies for Life Ltd. (Distributor for Israel)
Rehovot, Israel

Sind Trading (Distributor for Pakistan)
Karachi, Pakistan

Edo-Elemed (Distributor for Lebanon, Jordan and Syria) , Bierut, Lebanon

Bertec Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Distributor for Taiwan)
New Taipei, Taiwan

Bright Glory Technology Inc. (Distributor for Taiwan)
Taipei, Taiwan

Microgen Medical Equipment Trading (Distributor for United Arab Emirates) , United Arab Emirates

Bioaid (Distributor for Bangladesh)
Dhaka, Bangladesh

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