FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemicals Launches New Pyrogen and Endotoxin Tests

Alternatives to Traditional Pyrogen and Endotoxin Testing, LumiMAT™ Pyrogen Detection Kit and PYROSTAR™ Neo+ will be available in July 2024

RICHMOND, Va., June 27th, 2024 - FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemicals Corporation announces the launch of two new tests: LumiMAT™ Pyrogen Detection Kit (LumiMAT), a next-generation monocyte activation test (MAT)*1 for in vitro*2 pyrogen testing, and PYROSTAR™ Neo+, a recombinant protein reagent for the detection of bacterial endotoxins. Alternatives to traditional pyrogen and endotoxin tests, the new LumiMAT and PYROSTAR™ Neo+ testing kits will be available worldwide in July 2024.