PYROSTAR™ Neo is a new line of endotoxin detection reagents developed by recombinant technology. It mimics traditional LAL reagents with three recombinant factors (Factor C, Factor B, and proclotting enzyme) and the pNA chromogenic group. Offerings an assay with high sensitivity and endotoxin specificity.

Key Features

  • Colorimetric method, can be used with an absorbance plate reader
  • 3-Factor system mimics the same cascade reaction as traditional LAL
  • Endotoxin-specific reagent eliminates the risk of false positives from (1-->3)ß-D-Glucan
  • 100% animal free
  • Quantitative range: 0.001 to 50EU/mL
  • High sensitivity with less lot-to-lot variation
  • Stable storage after dissolution (4 hrs. at 2-8°C and 2 weeks at -30°C)
  • Validation package provided by the manufacturer
Catalog Number

Kinetic Chromogenic Quantitative Range (EU/mL) 


0.001 - 50EU/mL 

50 tests (2.7mL x 1vial)