The CMD αBET™ endotoxin testing system

Overview of the system

The CMD αBET™ system is a fully integrated testing system that provides a rapid and sustainable solution to endotoxin testing without compromising on sensitivity or performance. Using a fraction of FDA-licensed turbidimetric Limulus amoebocyte lysate (LAL) reagent, quantitative results are provided in under half the time of other testing formats, with minimal user input. The on-board FDA part 11 ready software walks users through a pharmacopoeial compliant assay whilst ensuring data integrity is maintained. The αBET™ system is designed for in-process or final-product testing in pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality control as well as in research and development.

Like other turbidimetric assays, αBET® measures changes in the transmission of light passing through a sample to monitor the progress of the reaction. The instrument employs a 4-channel consumable to enable four simultaneous tests with run times of between ~3 minutes for a 10 EU/mL sample and ~30 minutes for samples containing 0.001 EU/mL. 


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