Depyrogenated Aluminum Caps

Our Depyrogenated Aluminum Caps assists in reducing the chance of contamination, preventing any additional substances or material from entering the testing tubes.


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Aluminum Caps for 10 x 75mm 

11.2 x 11.5 mm 

100 caps/pkg


Aluminum Caps for 13 x 100mm 

14.5 x 18 mm

50 caps/pkg


Aluminum Cap-S

14.7 x 18 mm

100 caps/pkg


Depyprgenated Aluminum Caps

Q: Can the Depyrogenated Aluminum Caps be used for any test tube?

A: Yes, they can be used with any tube that does not have a problem with the caps being endotoxin free. 

Q: Why is use of the Depyrogenated Aluminum Caps important?

A: Depyrogenated Aluminum Caps are used to reduce the chance contamination.