Endotoxin Extracting Solution for LAL Test

Traditionally, water or saline solution has been used to extract endotoxin in tests involving medical devices and equipment; however, the efficacy of this extraction method is debated. In order to provide our customers with a more reliable method for medical device testing, FUJIFILM Wako has developed an endotoxin-free solution containing human serum albumin (HSA) that is capable of extracting endotoxins that cannot be extracted in water or saline solution.

Key Features

  • Capable of extracting endotoxins from surfaces that are unable to be extracted in water or saline
  • Recommended for use in endotoxin testing on equipment and devices that may come into contact with fluids containing blood or protein
Catalog Number Contents
293-51601 4 x 10 mL vial

FAQ: Endotoxin Extracting Solution

Q: Is this product considered endotoxin-specific?

A: Yes, the endotoxin extraction solution is endotoxin specific.

Q: What is the incubation temperature and time for this product?

A: 1 hour at room temperature.

Q: How should the Endotoxin Extracting Solution for LAL Test be stored?

A: This product should be stored between 2 and 10°C until the expiration date. After dilution, the product can be stored for up to 1 year at 2 to10°C.

Q: Can this product be used to extract endotoxin in complicated samples that are not medical devices?

A: No, this product was designed specifically for endotoxin testing in medical devices.