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Limulus PS Single Test

Limulus PS Single Test

The Limulus PS Single Test is a kit composed of LAL endotoxin specific reagent an affinity resin suspension known as Pyrosep™, designed to overcome any product interference by absorbing potential endotoxin in samples while washing away the inhibitory components.

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Pyrosep™ Method Endotoxin Specific Measurement Kit


  • Endotoxin specific measurement can be performed with small amounts, avoiding any interference from coexisting substances, by adsorbing endotoxin to Pyrosep™ in the sample and condensing it.
  • Since the endotoxin is adsorbed to Pyrosep™ even in ethanol, a fat-soluble sample can be tested provided it dissolves in ethanol.  Such samples are not usually processed in ordinary limulus tests. (Example: fat-soluble vitamins, oils and fats)
  • No LAL reagent is wasted, since it is pre-dispensed individually in vials, and can be used in the quantity required for measurement

Measurement Principle:

Measurement principle

The endotoxin in the sample is adsorbed to a capillary column filled with Pyrosep™ (an affinity adsorbent with histidine bound to a water-insoluble support via a spacer, designed to specifically adsorb endotoxin). Other substances contained in the sample are washed off; allowing the adsorbed endotoxin to activate the LAL reagent for quantification, where upon the measurement is performed using a Toxinometer®.

Pyrosep tm schematic diagram


Kit Contents:

 LAL ES Single reagent (lyophilized Limulus Polyphemus Amebocyte extract)


 20 vials (for 0.3 mL)

 Pyrosep™ suspension (suspended in a phosphate buffer)


 20 vials (0.77 mL)

 LAL diluent


 2 vials (7 mL)

 Wash solution


 4 vials (11 mL)

 Sample dilution buffer


 4 vials (10 mL)

 Capillary (with a silicone tube)


 20 pcs


* The syringe, T-shaped stopcock and dedicated adapter are not included in this kit, but are optionally available in the PS Accessory Kit (294-33311).

Measurement Method


(A.)           Endotoxin Detection in Dialysate 

The samples were prepared from commercially-available dialysate (dialysate X) and two kinds of replacement fluids for artificial kidneys (fluids Y and Z), with amounts of 5.0 mL in each case respectively. Each had USP Reference Standard Endotoxin added, and the pH was subsequently adjusted to approx. 5 using acetic acid. The endotoxin concentration in each sample was measured using the Pyrosep™ method and the added endotoxin was recovered.  With the use of the Pyrosep™ method, endotoxin in dialysate is detectable within a range starting from 0.1 EU/L. 

Standard curve

Gelation time

Endotoxin recovery from peritoneal dialysate

(B.) Endotoxin Detection in Fat-soluble Vitamins

Fat-soluble vitamins D, E and K were dissolved in ethanol, to which USP Reference Standard Endotoxin was then added. The endotoxin concentrations in the samples were measured using the Pyrosep™ method and the added endotoxin was recovered from each sample. The use of the Pyrosep™ method enabled the endotoxin detection in fat-soluble vitamins, which could not otherwise be measured with Limulus reagents.

Endotoxin recovery from fat-soluble

 (C.) Other Examples

Ethanol, silicone oil, soybean oil, olive oil, stearic acid, egg yolk lecithin, oil-adjuvanted vaccine, albumin products, coagulation factor products (factor 8), interferon formulation, antithrombin III, immunoglobulin products and other ethanol-soluble samples.

Eliminates Product Inhibition

  • Overcome any product interference by adsorbing potential endotoxin in your samples to Pyrosep™, washing away the inhibitory components and testing the bound endotoxin in a non-inhibitory solution.
  • Even fat-soluble samples can be tested provided they can be dissolved in ethanol. Since endotoxin adsorbs to Pyrosep™ in the presence of ethanol, fat-soluble vitamins, oils and fats that are not usually suitable for traditional LAL tests can be tested using the Pyrosep™ method.
  • No LAL reagent is wasted since LAL is provided in individually single test vials and can be used in the exact quantity required for measurement

 Measurement Principle

Endotoxin in the sample is adsorbed to Pyrosep™ (an affinity adsorbent designed to specifically adsorb endotoxin). Any potential inhibitory materials contained in the sample are washed away; allowing the adsorbed endotoxin to be tested with LAL in a non-inhibitory solution.

Limulus PS Single Test

Catalog Number



20 LAL ES single test vials

Pyrosep™ resin suspension

LAL reconstitution solution

Wash solution

Sample diluent

20 Glass capillary columns

                PS Accessory Kit        (optional)

Catalog Number   



12 syringes (20 mL)        

12 T-shape stopcocks R Type

20 Dedicated adapters

12 Bulldog clips

25 Polystyrene tubes (5 mL)

25 Polystyrene tubes (14 mL)

Test tube rack


* The syringe, T-shaped stopcock and dedicated adapter are not included in this kit, but are optionally available in the PS Accessory Kit (294-33311).


Endotoxin Detection in:

  • Hemo-Dialysate and Replacement Fluids
  • Fat-soluble Vitamins
  • Silicone Oil
  • Soybean Oil
  • Stearic Acid
  • Egg Yolk Lecithin
  • Oil-Adjuvanted Vaccines
  • Albumin
  • Coagulation Products
  • Interferon
  • Antithrombin III
  • Immunoglobulins
  • Other ethanol soluble samples