Limulus PS Single Test

The Limulus PS Single Test is composed of LAL endotoxin-specific single-test vials and an affinity resin suspension called PyroSep™, designed to overcome any product interference by adsorbing potential endotoxin in samples while washing away the inhibitory components. When using this product, the endotoxin in the sample is adsorbed onto a capillary column filled with PyroSep™ (an affinity adsorbent with histidine bound to a water-insoluble support via a spacer). Inhibitory substances contained in the sample are washed away, allowing the adsorbed endotoxin to be measured with the single-test format LAL reagent.

Key Features

  • Endotoxin-specific reagent avoids false positive results from glucans
  • This kit is in single test configuration to avoid contamination
  • KTA quantitation for this product is performed on Toxinometer®
  • Allows endotoxin-specific measurement in samples that typically have inhibitory components: ethanol, silicone oil, soybean oil, olive oil, stearic acid, egg yolk lecithin, oil-adjuvanted vaccine, albumin products, coagulation factor products (factor 8), interferon formulation, antithrombin III, immunoglobulin product and other ethanol-soluble samples

Limulus PS Single Test

Catalog Number




20 LAL ES single-test vials

PyroSep™ resin suspension

LAL reconstitution solution

Wash solution

Sample diluent

20 glass capillary columns

PS Accessory Kit (optional)


12 syringes (20 mL)

12 T-shape stopcocks R Type

20 Dedicated adapters

12 Bulldog clips

25 Polystyrene tubes (5 mL)

25 Polystyrene tubes (14 mL)

Test tube rack

FAQ:PS Single Test

Q: Is this test easy to perform for users with no experience in LAL testing?

A: This test is a bit more complex; it includes one extra step to ensure that the endotoxin is removed from the sample. It is more suitable for users experienced with endotoxin testing.

Q: Can this product be used with PYROSTAR™ ES-F Single?

A: No, this product cannot be used with PYROSTAR™ ES-F.